• Doug McCallum

    Rev. Douglas McCallum


    Doug was brought up in a loving, Christian home in the south east of England, although his heritage is definitely Scottish! He is married to Rebecca and they have two young children, Luke and Elijah. He used to be an accountant before training for the ministry at a seminary in the United States. His interests are football (he is a relatively keen Liverpool fan), politics (he once worked for an MP), reading, and even doing a little cooking. He joined CPC as a minister in October 2017.

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  • Peter Leverton

    Mr. Peter Leverton


    Peter was brought up in the north east of England in a Christian family. While never doubting the authenticity of the Christian faith, he wasn’t converted until his time as a student at Edinburgh University. One of his great passions is the British countryside and he was fortunate to be able to spend his working life with all things ‘country’ until his retirement. With more time on his hands, Peter has been able to indulge other passions, including finding out more about the great God he serves, gardening and walking the superb hills of this country. He is married to Heather, has two grown-up children, and has been an elder in the church for more than twenty years.

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  • Donald John

    Dr. Donald John MacLean


    Donald John is originally from the Highlands of Scotland, where he grew up in a Christian home and attended the Free Church of Scotland. He has been at CPC since 2008. Donald John is married to Ruth and has two young children, Hannah and Jonathan. An actuary by profession, he works in the City of London. As well as the day job, Donald John is a Research Supervisor at Union School of Theology - pointing to his longstanding passion for historical theology - and a trustee of the Banner of Truth Trust. Aside from church and family, Donald John most likes to spend his ‘spare’ time fly fishing . . . preferably back in the tranquillity of the Highlands of Scotland! Donald John was ordained as an elder in 2014, and preaches occasionally in CPC.

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