As a congregation, we have enjoyed choosing, reading and discussing various helpful books on the Christian life over the last few years.  These are the books that we have read to date:

  • Kevin DeYoung, The Hole in our Holiness
    The author explores how in chasing passion and experience Christians have forgotten to seek holiness.
  • Ed Welch, Side by Side
    Aims to equip everyday Christians with the tools they need to wisely walk alongside one another in the midst of life’s struggles.
  • Daniel Strange, Plugged In
    The author encourages us to connect our faith with everything we watch, read, and play.
  • Stephen McAlpine, Being the Bad Guys

    Helping us to find ways to cope in this world, opposing values and reaching out to others.

  • Rosaria Butterfield, The Gospel comes with a House Key
    How to practise radically ordinary hospitality and express authentic love in a post-Christian world.
  • Jonty Rhodes, Covenants Made Simple
    An engaging study of covenant theology and why it matters; how covenants carry the Bible’s story from start to finish.
  • Peter Williams, Can we Trust the Gospels?
    An accessible introduction to the historical and theological reliability of the four Gospels, answering common doubts about their historicity and building our trust in the Word of God.
  • Donald John MacLean, All Things Are Ready
    Reminds Christians of the fullness and freeness of the gospel, and encourages us to share it with those who have not yet turned to Christ.
  • Sinclair Ferguson, Devoted to God’s Church
    Explores fundamental issues such as union with Christ, the rhythms of spiritual growth, the reality of spiritual conflict, and the role of God’s law.
  • Sam Allberry, Seven Myths of Singleness
    Sets forth a positive vision of singleness by answering common misconceptions, including the notion that singleness is too hard, requires a special spiritual gift, is a hindrance to ministry, or is a waste of sexuality.
  • Michael Reeves, What does it mean to Fear the Lord?
    Explains that the fear of God is not a gloomy fear marked by anxiety but a heartfelt and happy enjoyment of God as Creator and Redeemer; we discover the vital role we play in displaying to the world the awesomeness of our God.
  • Henry Scougal, The Life of God in the Soul of Man
    A timeless classic originally written to encourage a friend and stimulate his spiritual life, later published as a book for a wider readership. Describes the four essential characteristics of divine life, their excellence and their advantages.
  • Benjamin Warfield, The Emotional Life of our Lord
    “It belongs to the truth of our Lord’s humanity,” wrote the author, “that he was subject to all sinless human emotions.” In this short volume, Warfield focuses on Christ’s compassion, anger, and sorrow.
  • Jonty Rhodes, Reformed Worship
    A Reformed view of worship is shaped by God’s Word and has the gospel as its context: God desires to meet with his people, and that meeting comes only in and through Christ, by the Holy Spirit. This book celebrates the simplicity and freedom of Reformed worship and shows readers the joys of meeting with God in the means and manner he promises to bless.
  • Jonathan Edwards, Heaven Is a World of Love
    In this classic exposition of 1 Corinthians 13:8–10, Jonathan Edwards exhorts Christians to ponder the love of God—both here in the world and in expectation of heaven. The things of this world are temporary, but “love never ends” (1 Cor. 13:8). God’s love is a foretaste of future glory, made available through communion with the Holy Spirit.