The role of prophecy today

EMA debate between Ian Hamilton (CPC) and Wayne Grudem (Phoenix Seminary, Arizona)

‘Scripture Cannot Be Broken’ (John 10:34–35)

The Inerrancy Summit | General Session 8 – Ian Hamilton

To you and to your children: 10 Points of Paedobaptism

Ian Hamilton’s lecture (by invitation) in a Baptist Church on paedobaptism.

Providence and the Christian life

Podcast interview between Jonathan Master and Ian Hamilton

Definite Atonement

Podcast interview between Jonathan Master and Jonny Gibson

Shameless Sexuality: Male and Female

Sermon by Jonny Gibson explaining the Bible’s view on sexuality

Calvinism and the Christian Life

In this new six-part teaching series, Ian Hamilton demonstrates that Calvinism is biblical, God-centered Christianity with important implications for our daily lives.  Visit the Ligonier web site for further details.