• 22 June 2003

    • Q.25

      Hebrews 9:14 & Romans 3:25

      The Westminster Shorter Catechism

      Q. 25. How doth Christ execute the office of a priest?

      A. Christ executeth the office of a priest, in his once offering up of himself a sacrifice to satisfy divine justice, and reconcile us to God, and in making continual intercession for us.

      Scripture References:

      Hebrews 9:14, 28
      Romans 3:25
      Romans 10:4
      Hebrews 2:17
      Hebrews 7:25

      The Westminster Shorter Catechism in Modern English:

      Q.25. How is Christ a priest?

      A. As a priest, Christ offered Himself up once as a sacrifice for us to satisfy divine justice and to reconcile us to God, and He continually intercedes for us.


      1. What did Christ do for us as the first part of his office as a priest?

      The first part of Christ’s priestly office was the offering up a sacrifice to God for us. The sacrifice was Himself, the shedding of blood unto death.

      2. What is a sacrifice?

      A sacrifice is a holy offering rendered to God by a priest of God’s appointment.

      3. Did Christ offer a sacrifice of Himself more than once?

      No, he offered Himself a sacrifice only one time, and this was sufficient for the sins of His people. (Hebrews 9:38)

      4. Why did Christ offer Himself as a sacrifice for us?

      Christ offered Himself as a sacrifice for us that he might satisfy God’s justice for us and that he might reconcile us to God.

      5. When the word “us” is used in the above question, of whom is it speaking?

      It is speaking of the elect, not of all mankind. (John 10:15)

      6. How did Christ’s sacrifice satisfy God’s justice?

      It is so for this sacrifice was accepted by God and was worthy of acceptance.

      7. What does Christ do for us as the second part of his office as a priest?

      The second part of Christ’s priestly office is his making intercession for us. (Isaiah 43:12)

      8. Where is the intercession made and what does He do for us in this intercession?

      The intercession is made at the right hand of God. By it He prays to and pleads to God for us; because of it our sins are pardoned, our prayers are answered and we are actually reconciled. It should be remembered that He is the only intercessor in heaven for us.