Sunday morning and evening services will be held at the locations below.

Please see our CPC Online page for details of our various online meetings.

Every Sunday our church family meets morning and evening for worship.

Our conviction is that God has set apart the whole day of Jesus' resurrection for his worship and for the renewing and refreshing of believers. This conviction is rooted in the enduring significance of the fourth commandment for the life and health of the church. Our worship services are reverent, joyful and God-centred. As a church we encourage children to be present throughout our services (we happily leave the operating of this to the wisdom of parents).

Our morning worship service is at All Saints, Jesus Lane.  Please see the map below or click here for Google directions.  There is car and cycle parking at the nearby Park Street car park.


All Saints, Jesus Lane CB5 8BW


Resurrection Lutheran Church, 30 Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0HH